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Community Acupuncture

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Benefits of Acupuncture

Our skilled practitioners use acupuncture needles in a way that’s careful and almost soothing. These tiny needles are designed to help your body heal itself, working on areas that need attention, whether it’s muscle pain, stress, or just a general feeling of being unwell. You’ll also receive tools for self-care and healing that you can implement at home such as, nutritional counseling rooted in food energetics, and lifestyle practices to support your healing process. This isn’t just a medical treatment; it’s a chance for you to reconnect with yourself. It’s about taking a break from your day, focusing on your health, and leaving feeling refreshed and more balanced.


• Headaches
• PMS symptoms
• Regulating Menstrual Cycle
• Painful periods
• Low back pain
• Food cravings
• Mood swings


• Nausea
• Pain during pregnancy
• Pain after pregnancy


• Hormone balace
• Improving sleep
• Sexual libido
• Working with mood imbalances

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"I am so happy to share my experience. After giving birth in 2022 I ended up with terrible back pain from the epidural. Ine introduced me to acupuncture... two sessions with her and the pain subsided."


"Ine is truly gifted, intuitive and compassionate. I tried everything to find a cure for my migraines, nothing was working until I came across Ine’s work and guidance. I’m forever grateful and I can’t wait until my next appointment!"

Courtney K.

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