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Quantum Healing

Our quantum healing session utilizes several holistic modalities to support deep healing and a sense of well-being. The session includes a tailored combination of acupuncture, vibroacoustic therapy, light therapy, sound therapy, breathwork, meditation, and/or grounding techniques designed to relax the nervous system, reduce pain and inflammation, support mitochondrial health, and jumpstart your body's innate ability to heal itself.

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Benefits of Quantum Healing

These sessions are designed for those already on a path of holistic healing who have started to make dietary and lifestyle changes and have become more attuned to the feedback from their body needed to support optimal health and well being, and would like to have an immersive experience to help them co-create their own unique vision of radiant health in a harmonious and lovingly held space.


• Headaches
• PMS symptoms
• Regulating Menstrual Cycle
• Painful periods
• Low back pain
• Food cravings
• Mood swings


• Nausea
• Pain during pregnancy
• Pain after pregnancy


• Hormone balace
• Improving sleep
• Sexual libido
• Working with mood imbalances

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"I am so happy to share my experience. After giving birth in 2022 I ended up with terrible back pain from the epidural. Ine introduced me to acupuncture... two sessions with her and the pain subsided."


"Ine is truly gifted, intuitive and compassionate. I tried everything to find a cure for my migraines, nothing was working until I came across Ine’s work and guidance. I’m forever grateful and I can’t wait until my next appointment!"

Courtney K.

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